The Heart of Love

Prayers, Poetry, Divine Inspiration by Gail Swanson

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Oh Heavenly Star


 Oh heavenly star
guiding light
of love and hope
light my path
and guide my way
illuminate my heart
and magnify my soul
may I serve humanity
and offer myself
through the heart of love
and the grace of Heaven

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Fall Into the Mystery


Fall into the mystery


stand upon the edge

and don’t look back

wipe the tears shed for the old

and take a deep breath

and fall

eyes open wide




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More Than Enough


I have been here before
I know this territory
it is bleak and dry and barren
I am alone
with my thoughts
and my fears
I toss and turn
on my bed of sorrows
all night long
the morning comes
and there is no reprieve
I am left with
but my will
and my faith
and it is more than enough

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Ancient Key of Power


turn the ancient key
of power
and step into
the now
reawaken and reclaim
the alchemical golden magic
the power of love
and truth
speak the ancient language
of the heart
and call forth
the symbolic mystical application
forged by the heart, power and will
of the feminine
pronounce it
and announce it
feel it
breathe it
and will it
so be it

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Messenger of Love


There is magic unveiled in moments of surrender
where the deepest truths are waiting to be birthed
memories and wisdom teachings yearning to be heard
there is light emerging in the depths of darkness
joy singing in the sorrow of despair
there is hope shining through times of desperation
there is love blossoming when we feel most alone
there are worlds rising through our bodies and our consciousness
there is unity breathing where it seems there is none
breathe the breath of love unconditional
bow in service to the universal truth
follow the dream of a new world unfolding
whisper a prayer
be a messenger of love

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a new beginning
sky’s the limit
nothing exists
but this moment
this time
of being
awake and present
to all possibilities
echos of the old
are nothing more
than the faint sound
of what once was
the breath of new life
fills me
consecrates me
and beckons me forward
arms open