The Heart of Love

Prayers, Poetry, Divine Inspiration by Gail Swanson

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As Women

susan sedon boulet

artist Susan Seddon Boulet


As women we bring forth a great vibration

we are one with the energy of the earth

and within us lies the radiance and power of the moon

the moon is our sister

she rises sweetly and when all is quiet

and bathes the world with a delicate and nurturing light

there are those of you who have awakened to her embrace

and connection to her

spend time with her

feel her energy resonate within you

draw her in with the breath

with complete intention 

there is much she will give you

as you acknowledge her


yes, we are the women of the moon and the sea

we are radiant and fluid

ever steady and ever moving

we are the mystery and the power

we are the wisdom of the ages 

we are here now to raise the consciousness of mankind

we turn with the tides and welcome the change

for we have waited long

and are bursting with truth and love 

we will grow in number

raising our voices

as they reach the heavens and shifts are created

from the sheer power of our feminine vibration 


come together and sing

for you will remember

the song of your birth

and you will remember your sisters

each and every one


the separation created by man

will no longer serve

as in unity

like so many who have come before

we glorify and sanctify

and bless ourselves and one another 


in the name of those who walked the earth

in the most holy divinity

we bow our heads and say



























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See With New Eyes


On Valentine’s Day I was honored to lead a women’s meditation group in a beautiful and powerful Crown of Power Initiation.  I also decided to read something I had written that morning about certain mindsets concerning illness.

Recently a friend was going through quite an ordeal with a detached retina and someone mentioned that she thought Patricia was a visionary. I thought isn’t that interesting, a visionary going through the experience of possibly losing her vision.

The subject of illness has had me spend many hours in contemplation. It has been a close companion of mine for many years.

I thought about how many in the spiritual community would say “What is it you are not seeing?”  They would assume this is something Patricia manifested and must figure out how to heal it.

But what if it is not about what she does not see but what she DOES see.

What if Patricia is passing through an initiation not just for herself but for the many who are too blind to see?  Perhaps Patricia’s inner vision is now even more  magnified.

Try turning your thinking around.

Expand your awareness .

See with new eyes.

The belief system around illness especially in the spiritual and new age communities does not portray the full picture by any means.

Beings that carry a great light often experience challenges that could easily weaken them.  The power that arises when you must get up off your knees again and again is an alchemical power.

Some are here as spiritual warriors, alchemical masters.  All is happening at the highest level and in the most divine way.  A great mystic Lars Muhl said to me “Any process of suffering carries with it the opportunity for initiation of the highest order.

In spite of all circumstances that take you to the very edge of what you can bear, there is your will.  And this will is your divine will for it is sacred and holy and magnificent.

Your divine will knows of the higher purpose.  Divine will lifts you in your darkest hours.  It matters not if you stumble and lose your way and even wish to give it all up.  For the divine ones surround you and whisper your spiritual name over and over until your divine remembrance breaks through the darkness.

The light remains.  And each time you rekindle your faith and each time you surrender to the ultimate divine will, which is the will of God, your own personal divine will becomes that much stronger.

Allow the physical challenges to take you on this journey.  You will be taken to places you could never have dreamed.

You will see with new eyes.

Every moment will become magnified, precious.  Plans fall away.  All you have is the moment, the now.  And it is beautiful.

Integrity and truth become paramount in those around you.  There is no time for idle talk and pronouncements over why they think you are passing through this great initiation.

It is not for us to completely know.

Move through whatever you are experiencing in a bigger way.

Feel it on a cosmic level.

Throw out the old concepts and use your inner knowing.

Your inner vision.

Think about Patricia and this beautiful visionary symbology she is offering us.

Bless those who are passing through such a holy initiation and perhaps even thank them, for their suffering is not solitary. It is planetary and beyond.  They are the spiritual alchemists continuously transforming the shadows of cold hard metal into miraculous gold.

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Power Song


I am holding on
I am praying for a miracle
I am falling
into the well of despair

this is a terrible and lonely battle
only the strongest survive
I am weak in body
weakened by life after life
of brutality
meant to crush my spirit
and steal my power

I carry the wounds of the feminine
deep within my physical body
I have returned
to transcend the physical

I am a warrior of the light
my spirit is rising
out of the well of despair

I remember
the divine feminine alchemy
that shall turn the shadows
of this dark cold hard metal
into the light
of miraculous gold

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The Good Road Home


The natural world is beckoning
calling you home
to the place you have always known
to hear once again the whispers of the flowers
to feel once again the embrace of the wind
to walk upon the good earth
and remember
to listen reverently to the trees
as they sing in harmony
with the divine musical spheres of heaven
to be silent
so silent that the buzzing of the bees
begin to tell their story
and the butterflies speak
our ancestors messages
let us go home
into the arms of the beauty of it all
let us remember who we are
and where we come from
let us call ourselves
and one another
back into the bounty of the natural world
as we walk together
the good road home

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The Passage


We live the mystery
as more are called home
we celebrate their passage
and yet we weep
it is a beautiful mystery
glorious and infinite
it speaks to us constantly
of a place unknown
far away and yet so close
as the veil thins
we can almost touch it
as our memories awaken
we can almost feel it
time melts away
as worlds merge together
the new world is dawning
the truth shall be revealed

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I Am The Light of Love


I am the light of love
I am the memory of all that is love
my hands were made to comfort and heal
my eyes were made to see through illusion
my voice was given to speak only truth
my heart beats only through love’s consolation
I am the light of love
born to shine like the morning sun
born to give and receive true love
born to express my true divine nature
to live and breathe the memory of one
one heart, one world, one heaven created
I am the light of love
may love and peace prevail

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Pathway Home


artist Montserrat

In the forest deep love is quietly waiting
in the cool crisp night hope is sweetly breathing
among the falling stars streams of heaven greet us
paths of golden moonlight encourage us to wander
to wander and to dream beyond all expectations
to revel in the majesty of nature pure and splendid
to fill our hearts with all this world is here to offer
to breathe the stars of heaven and the sacred golden moonlight
to merge our own true nature with the trees the wind and sky
to plant our feet upon the earth with arms embracing heaven
to call upon our own true name and thankfully feel all blessings
remembering we are here to love to lift the hearts of others
to be the shining lights of love to guide our pathway home