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Things My Father Taught Me

The Heart of Love

me and dad

I am sure my father never realized all I was learning as we went about our ordinary lives. As far back as I can remember my father was bigger than anyone else’s father. Bigger around that is, way way bigger. Bigger as in the biggest person you may have ever seen. I was used to people staring wherever we went. Children stared and pointed and the grown ups stared too.

But my father also had an unusual air about him. If you got to talk to him for a couple of minutes you were captured and would fall right under his spell. He was magic. I saw this wherever we went. There was an aura about him. It was huge and mesmerizing but the people who couldn’t see it or feel it could not help themselves from staring and pointing. This hurt me terribly. I hurt for him. What was…

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When I was told my beautiful sweet Petey had lost the vision completely in one eye and he would soon lose it in the other I was devastated. They told me to get a book about living with a blind dog. I couldn’t even read it. They told me blind dogs are very happy and it would be much worse for us than it would be for him. I didn’t believe a word of it.

There were times when he would lose the vision in the good eye and he would stand in the doorway and cry or just wander bumping into things. We would put all the drops in his eye and the vision would thankfully return until the next episode. My heart was breaking for him. Glaucoma is very painful. They gave us information on having his eyes removed so that he would no longer be in pain.

My beautiful Petey. His eyes. My God.

The day finally came when his vision would not return. It was a dark day for us all. At the beginning every time he bumped his head I felt an overwhelming surge of panic and tears would flow down my face. We were told to be as upbeat as possible so that he would not pick up our emotions. They said a lot of things but this did not feel at all like it was going to be alright.

We loved him through it. We talked to him and bought him special toys. I walked him as usual until we both got used to this new and scary change. I wanted to believe that he would still be able to be happy but I have to admit I had my doubts. They said he would learn to navigate the house but he was having so much trouble. He was confused and my heart continued to break. I would tell myself that after a while he won’t remember ever seeing.

I can usually intuit what is going on with my animals but my grief and worry was getting in the way. I called my friend Barbara Goodfriend an amazing animal communicator. She pointed out that the recent construction we were having outside was confusing him. She sent Petey telepathic pictures of our house to help him navigate. By this time Petey’s eye specialist was having great success with a procedure to ease the pressure of glaucoma. Barbara encouraged us to try it.

Before we even got to the surgery part of this story Petey started finding his way around the house and was happily playing with his new toys. I then had a realization. My feelings of panic I was having while watching him go through this were actually Petey’s. Because I am an empath I was feeling everything he was feeling. The panic I would feel when he bumped into things was his. As he became more confident in getting around his panic subsided and so did mine.

We are now three weeks past the surgery and Petey is doing better than ever. The surgery seems to have been a success. We go back to the vet next week to check the pressure in his eyes to be sure all is well. Everyone that has a loving animal in their life knows this incredible bond. I have had many animals in my life. My last dog had a huge mission here and took on much of our family’s issues. I was completely telepathic with her. I did nothing without her soul’s permission no matter what anyone said. She was an old soul and a great teacher.

I have always said that this must be Petey’s first time here on earth. He is easy going and sweet and incredibly loving. He has no issues. He is just love pure and simple. He is as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. Everyone is crazy about Petey.

So here we are having made it through this scary adventure and what I have found is that Petey and I are communicating more deeply than ever. Sometimes our animals are the ones that help us through out most challenging times and sometimes we are the ones helping them. It is a love bond like no other. Unconditional. Free from all our human bullshit.

After all this is Petey happy? Yes he is and I am too. We have both overcome our fear of the dark.