The Heart of Love

Prayers, Poetry, Divine Inspiration by Gail Swanson

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Shelley Sage Heart

Shelley Sage Heart

If I told you this story would you believe it?

Could you believe the time of an ancient wound has come again?

Would you believe the visions and the confirmations?

Would you allow yourself to dive deep into the archetypal wound?

Would you understand that believing is half the battle

And truth is the only answer no matter how far you must go?

These are the times of great transformation.

This is the time of the great remembering.

The crucible of love is carried forth in your hearts.  The pain and sorrow of past injustices are being transformed through each loving word and deed.  As the past merges with the present, physical and emotional bodies respond.  There is so much that you carry, so much you transform. 

The conscious awareness of your soul’s purpose, the knowledge that you have come again to aid in this most transforming time magnifies the outcome of each mission.  As past injustices merge with present injustices you respond with an awakening, an awakening of remembrance of all that has gone before and all that feels familiar in your lives and your world of today.

And as you perceive and awaken, and as a betrayal or injustice today brings back those of times past, you feel, you weep, you cry out, and you may fall.  Then the power within rises, the feminine power of love, the feminine power of strength, the alchemical magic awakens and rises with a power and strength stronger than the past, more powerful than a memory or injustice of today. 

And as the power rises within, and as you feel, acknowledge and respond, you choose the path of the spiritual warrior with a feminine strength present throughout the ages.  For you are bearers of truth and soldiers of freedom.  And through your awareness so vigilant and so true, through each conscious kindness, each voice raised in truth, you transform one by one, a hardened heart or bitter injustice.  Yes the task is mighty and the road long, and you have walked this path again and again but I ask you now to feel in your heart, the power of love and the root of forgiveness.  For only these shall usher in the New World, only these shall move you into the fullness of your true spiritual nature. 

Walk the path with your head held high feeling and knowing your power and strength.  Know that battles once fought for truth and for freedom carry you forth in this time and this place.  Feel the protection of your spiritual armor, carry the sword of truth and enlightenment.  Work your alchemical magic as you transform and transcend all worldly concerns.  Bring forth the balance of masculine and feminine, the strength of the armor and the beauty of love.   

Know,  that which you endure and overcome shall strengthen you…. and that which you forgive shall free you.

Joan of Arc

Received by Gail Swanson


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When you have the ability to see and feel into situations and people in a multidimensional way you experience everything with an intensity and consciousness that spans dimensions and lifetimes.

Every single thing that comes into your life is an opportunity to move through it in the energy of your highest self. When fear comes up for the most part it is preventing you from functioning at the highest level. Fear can be a warning but it can also be connected to the many levels you are accessing as a multidimensional being.

Through prayer and grace you can move through the fear and into the light of your highest self. The process itself is an opportunity for spiritual growth. Let the process unfold and teach you what it must.

We are awakening to our highest potential through every single experience. Waking into our fully divine spiritual selves is like the birthing process. The pains of the labor give birth to the majesty of who we truly are.


A Glimpse Beyond the Veil

sally's lily pond

Sally Mergenthaler

Nothing is by accident. I came across something I wrote a while back. It is timely as usual and a subject I have come to know very intimately. I hope it helps anyone who suffers to remember who we are.

In many ways we have been programmed to believe certain things. In the new age community there are programs that exist that are part of the old paradigm in my opinion and illness is one of them.

I have had chronic lyme disease for 25 years and I have been through it all, the theories, the judgments, the advice. I have done some writing on this subject from my own perspective and experience as someone who has suffered physically through an amazing spiritual awakening. This is a deep subject.

I have had visions and incredible downloads providing me with glimpses of things that lie beyond what we can see and know here in this dense 3D existence we live in. Of course disease can and does manifest through fear and anger and even grief but there is an aspect to this journey that should be ever present in our hearts and our minds. A great mystic Lars Muhl once said to me “ Any process of suffering carries with it the opportunity for initiation of the highest grade.”

All is happening at the highest level and in the most divine way. Some are here as spiritual warriors, alchemical masters transmuting enormous energies through their physical bodies. This alchemical work has effects on the people and the planet itself in ways we shall never truly know. I know this for sure.

We are multidimensional beings and illness too is multidimensional in nature. There are forces that wish to stop those of us bringing in truth and light and at the same time we hold a power they cannot control or win with no matter what happens to our physical bodies.

Beings that carry great light often experience challenges that could easily weaken them. The power that arises when you must get off your knees again and again is an alchemical power. In spite of all circumstances that take you to the very edge of what you feel you could bear, there is your will. And this will is your divine will for it is sacred and holy and magnificent.

Your divine will knows of the higher purpose. Divine will lifts you in your darkest hours. It matters not if you stumble and lose your way and even wish to give it all up for the divine ones surround you and whisper your spiritual name over and over until your divine remembrance breaks through the darkness. The light remains and each time you rekindle your faith and each time you surrender to the ultimate divine will, which is the will of God, your own personal divine will becomes that much stronger.

We are going to be seeing more and more of some very bright lights transmuting these energies in this way. Some will stay and some will go. All is in perfect divine order.

A Glimpse Beyond the Veil

When my best childhood friend Sally was journeying through a serious illness we spent a lot of time together. We had many amazing miraculous experiences during this time. For some reason I was in a heightened state of seeing and was able to share what I was being shown with her. One day we were on the phone as usual and at this point she was in the hospital and now unable to get up out of bed and walk. Sally was an artist and her hospital bed was filled with her art supplies. She continued to create beautiful art from her bed.

On this particular day when I called her she told me she was in distress because she was watching what was happening during Hurricane Katrina on the news. I told her to turn it off that it was not good for her to be watching something so upsetting. The next thing I knew I began to see a vision of a family stranded on a roof as the waters were rising. I was then shown something like a golden thread going from Sally to this family.

Sally was a unique and incredible person. Even at the point when she could no longer leave her bed she surrounded herself with her art and continued to create. She never complained. She was filled with love and grace. This energy that Sally was emitting while unable to get of that bed was helping to sustain these people who could not get off of that roof.
It was incredible that I was able to describe at that moment to Sally what I was seeing. When I told her we were both filled with chills. It was an incredible blessing for us both. Sally could see what she was doing from the higher view and this has helped me in ways I cannot even express.

Can you imagine if we could all see what was happening beyond what we can see here? It would change the world. I hope this experience that Sally and I had will comfort you and encourage you for nothing is what it seems.