The Heart of Love

Prayers, Poetry, Divine Inspiration by Gail Swanson

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I am the keeper of the waters

I am the tears behind the veil

I am the mystery and the knowing

I am the wind beneath my own sail

I am the moon full and rising

I am the sorrow and joy

I am the sweet and the bitter

I am the sacrifice and the prize

I am the feminine yearning

For love for honor and truth

I am my past and my destiny

I am the mother of the earth

Do not try to mistake me

Do not try to forsake me

For I am an ancient power

Roaring like rolling thunder

And I am reclaiming my birthright

And I am reclaiming my crown

For none shall hold me or bind me

And none shall keep me down


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When what you have seen in your dreams
drifts into reality and worlds merge
the wonder of it all speaks
in ways far beyond earthly comprehension
you must be awake even in dreamtime
so that when the time is ripe
the mystery may be revealed

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Nothing but Love



I am in perhaps the most delicate state I have ever been in. I am at a crucial turning point. We all are whether you are aware of it or not.

I went back to sleep this morning and fell into a dream and there I wrote the most beautiful thing I have ever written. As I wrote the last line I turned the page to go back to look at the beginning for I could not remember what I had written and there I could see perfectly that it began:

This is from Christ

and from me

and then I woke and tried to remember it all but I realized that the vibration of this most beautiful thing now resides in a place, perhaps in another dimension or world where there is nothing, absolutely nothing …. but love.

May love and peace prevail on earth and everywhere.

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The Power Within


Joan of Arc’s message on the power each of us holds within to aid in transforming our world. This is what I fall back on during these times of such great devastation on our planet. May love and peace prevail.

Her Message

The seeds of hope, light and transformation are within you. As battles rage there is peace within. As timelines merge and fall away a new time is created. A new world is birthed.
As one hopeful heart overcomes thousands upon thousands of bitter hearts, all is continuously transformed on levels unseen but felt in moments of reverence and quiet contemplation.

Legions of angels and precious beings reign light upon you and offer a sustenance made of heaven’s pure light. This spiritual encouragement lightens your hearts, eases your burdens, and illuminates your spiritual strength and magnificence. Pour open your heart. Be not afraid, for the power within is as mighty as Heaven itself.

Through these times of great transformation think of those who have gone before, for the power of one has created the miraculous. And this is the power of which I now speak, your own true power, that which reigns within. Manifest your power through a word or a touch, through a head devoutly bowed or a knee bent in reverence. Manifest your power with a prayer softly uttered. Manifest your power through a kindness given. Manifest your power through a heart awakened. Manifest your truth through the power of love.

Be not afraid.

Raise your banner of truth and march sweetly forward in strength.

Joan of Arc received by Gail Swanson