The Heart of Love

Prayers, Poetry, Divine Inspiration by Gail Swanson

Star Child



My grandson began communicating with me five years before he was conceived. I transcribed what he told me and passed it on to my daughter and son-in-law. He had much to say and gave us specific information on what needed to take place before he would come into this world. We knew he was a powerful and special being.

He expressed to me that his spiritual name was Elijah and he is so named. His transition into this world has not been easy. His vibration does not match this extremely dense environment. He comes from a higher place.

He emerged onto this planet in a rather traumatic way and he has been struggling to adjust ever since. I often wonder why it has to be so difficult for him but just as we are, he is transmuting huge energies.

He has an energy that is difficult to contain within his physical body. Everything about him is big and loud and fascinating. Each second of every day he is creating a new and exciting invention. He is easily overwhelmed by all kinds of things in his environment. He is incredibly sweet and loving and has a view of the world that is astounding for a four year old child.

He has a love and concern for the planet and is upset by any disregard for her. He has no understanding for why anyone would litter or choose to eat animals. He loves the stars and the planets and all of nature. He is purity itself.

He has come to remind us of who we are and how far lost we have become. He has his own way and his will is stronger than any I have ever seen. His energetic outbursts can be seen as disturbing but he has come back to a family who knows him and remembers him and honors him for who he is and why he has come. We understand that the energy he carries is sacred and powerful. We allow him his need to express himself in any way that helps him to release the excess power he is trying to contain in his small four year old body.

Elijah is working through enormous karmic events for humanity. He deals with extreme night terrors as he passes through what is almost like the bardo that happens during death. He navigates his way for this planet and all of her inhabitants.

This is who he is and what he does. One evening he had a particularly long and frightening night terror. When he emerged out of it he asked to light a candle. He was given a candle with the image of the Blessed Mother and this pleased him greatly. After a while he blew out the candle. As he lay in bed with his mother and father in the pitch dark room he exclaimed “Look see the rainbows and the sparkling colored lights on the ceiling”? As they looked up they too could see the colored lights but as soon as they became aware of them they disappeared. Elijah could still see them. The next day Elijah told me the whole story and when he got to the part about the rainbows and colored lights he said “Mimi I made it happen.” And I knew that he did. He understood that his angels and guides had come and that he had called them.

There are many children on earth at this time just like Elijah. They have chosen to come at this particular time to raise the vibration of this planet. It is a daunting task for them and it is not easy for their families who love them so to watch as they struggle to adjust to this dense and chaotic world. It is also the greatest blessing to be in the presence of these incredible beings.

I look forward to the day when these children are the norm rather than looked upon as different and flawed in some way. They try to name them and categorize that which there is no earthly category for. They come from a place of love. They come to make us look deep within and to see where we are holding our own old judgments and beliefs.

I honor their place in this world. I honor their right to express themselves and to strengthen themselves. I honor their right to be free from all the constraints of this world that cannot and shall not hold them. I am grateful that my family is awake and aware and fully supports this beautiful angelic child and I wish the same for each and every one.

May love and peace prevail.

Author: The Heart of Love

I am the author of the book The Heart of Love : Mary Magdalene Speaks. In the midst of a long and debilitating illness I received a vision of Jerusalem. I was told of a connection with Mary Magdalene and soon after writings emerged in the form of stories, prayers and poetry. The Heart of Love is a beautiful love song to the divine feminine. Mary Magdalene has come forth in many ways to help to shine the light on the great imbalance of the masculine and feminine throughout time. I am dedicated to helping to restore the divine feminine to her rightful place through powerful meditations and initiations of the highest order. These divine ancient ceremonies spark the remembrance of the power, truth and beauty of the divine feminine within us all.

5 thoughts on “Star Child

  1. I stumbled across this blog on Facebook. I was surprised as I read about your grandson. There are so many similarities between Elijah and my daughter Rachel. I’m often lost at how to help her navigate this world. Elijah’s story is so interestig to me. I hope you will share more. Perhaps it will enlighten me further with my own star child.

  2. I love this Gail. I reflect on my Ethiopian daughter especially and my youngest son. Each of my 5 children are very conscious, beautiful souls but Amira like Elijah has a mission which has involved transmuting vast energies since birth, and moves a great deal of powerful energy through her.
    You write with such wisdom, awareness and space for this Divine child- to truly Be who he is. Thank you for inspiring and touching hearts 💗

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