The Heart of Love

Prayers, Poetry, Divine Inspiration by Gail Swanson

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The Eyes of Christ


When someone passes famous or not, everything they ever were and meant becomes magnified. Isn’t that the way it should always be? The world would be a different place if we felt each day with the same feeling for someone as we do when they no longer walk this earth.

The avoidance that we have around death does not serve us. Avoiding the inevitable fact that death will come to us all and can happen at any moment is just another numbing of what is real and true. Life is precious. The gifts we each bring into the world are unique and special and the energy and remembrance of those gifts remain.

What if we were each seen and felt with the eyes and heart that we see and feel with when someone is no longer physically here? What if the beauty of each person was magnified the way that it is after death? Perhaps then we would know what it means to see with the eyes of Christ.


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The Things We Try Not To Talk About

a magical bridge in a green lush forest

I want to talk about

the things we try not to talk about


Because it is too painful

Because we do not wish to show

Our suffering

Our sadness

Our hopelessness

Our wounds


We are these things

We are our stories

Our lives

Our hopes and our hopelessness

We are allowed to FEEL
and to SPEAK


Of who we are

And what we feel

ALL of it

The Ugly and the Beautiful


We are magnificent

Because we embrace

And embody

And transcend

Moment by moment

Our personal crushing sorrows

Our physical suffering

Our despair for the earth

And our unbearable disappointment in humanity


We are a living miracle

Falling and rising

Weeping and rejoicing

We do not have one without the other

We are our sorrows and our joys

We are the bitter and the sweet

We are the brokenhearted and the victorious


Let us proclaim it all

With reverence

Let us not run

From the deepest darkest places

For there and only there

shall we begin to find our way to the light