The Heart of Love

Prayers, Poetry, Divine Inspiration by Gail Swanson

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A New Sun


I am sharing this because I believe and something beyond what we see here is so needed. This message was received by me some time ago and was shown to me this morning.

May love and peace prevail.

All that is transpiring now on this planet is the collapse of all that is false, and all that does not serve. There is a new sun, there is a new day, there is a new and fresh air to be breathed. There is hope for the hopeless and strength for the weak. The power of love, born of heaven, rains down on those who continue to believe in the magnificent power of a pure heart and a loving landscape of a new earth created by this love.

The memory of heaven on earth awakens now, day by day, moment by moment and thought by thought. The magnitude and memory of this love cracks the shell of illusion in our hearts and upon our land. It moves through our bodies, it rumbles through our earth. It lights up our skies. For the emergence of this love is all that we have yearned for and all that earth has yearned for. For the earth is as weary as we, of battles fought upon her back. She cries rivers of tears, she trembles beneath our feet, and she prays that we shall see and hear and feel the call to love.

Golden healing energies stream down as stars and benevolent beings come to our aid for our loving thoughts and deeds rise up and merge with dimensions and universes as our ancient beloved star families feel us and hear us and respond.
May we trust our hearts and our inner knowings. May we remember the first dawn of all that was good. May we ignite our power through releasing and remembering. May we expand our hearts through this love remembered. And may we walk unafraid, hand in hand, with the Golden Ones who come from the stars…for the time is at hand.

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photos by Gail Swanson


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Mother and Child Love


 Antoine Aguste Ernest Herbert

The time has come to see the world as one united family. For a mother and child is a mother and child everywhere. And the love that exists within that divine union is universal and divine, whether born of poverty or great wealth. The potential for this greatest love remains the same, throughout all time and all regions. And even in the opportunity for this most perfect love, there can be much that creates the greatest obstacles. And yet love has the power to survive. And yet love can be unselfishly given. For this pure model of love, mother and child, is felt by all. For in that moment when life emerges anew, love is born and the energy of this love is felt by all.

This is true love.

The love of Heaven, joyously given, unto the two, to be felt and remembered, to be lived and breathed. It is perfect and unconditional.

When love begins to slip away, when the world overwhelms, disappoints and distracts, go back to the beginning, the moment of new life, of a new love’s innocent emergence.

Open your heart to the memory of love.

Love all with the energy of this first perfect moment. For this is the power of love, the gift of love – love felt in all it’s perfection, undamaged, unchanged, unexpected and all encompassing.
Fill your hearts with this mother and child. For this great love is infinite and holy.

Breathe the first breath of the newborn child.

Feel the love in this sacred exchange.

Live a life born of compassion, that which the mother offers her child.

And radiate the beauty of this innocent love to all who surround you….and to all the world.

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Manatee Message


Last night before I went to bed I happened upon a horrific article about the State of Emergency in Florida due to the toxic algae covering the lakes and beaches of the East Coast of Florida. This is a man made atrocity.   As I watched the video a manatee was struggling to breathe as she tried to raise her head above this disgusting travesty. I cried myself to sleep.


In honor of all life and my beautiful encounter several years ago with these incredible beings I share their message which was given during the Gulf oil spill.  We have learned nothing.

Autumn Equinox

On the eve of the fall equinox they came, two huge magnificent beings of the sea. One raised just the top of her head slightly out of the water right next to me. It was shocking and frightening at first. I did not know what it could be. We backed slowly out of the water and tried to imagine what kind of creature could be swimming right next to me. Then we began to see two huge dark areas right next to us and something brushed against my leg. Now this was really quite frightening and unknown. We continued backing away. We were compelled however to try to see what it was we were encountering. Finally we realized there were two huge manatees doing everything they could to get our attention.

In a moment we went from fear to excitement and delight. We now called to them and invited them closer. One of them swam right up to us and raised her head out of the water. It was an incredible moment. She was beckoning us to engage with her and upon her invitation we spoke to her and gently touched her head.

This encounter went on for a very long time. It was a merging of worlds, a communion of beings. It was magic. The dolphins had been with us since we arrived for our swim and now the manatees had joined the magnificent procession. These gigantic gentle beings sent out their energy of welcome and love. We felt deeply honored and filled with joy.

They would swim a bit away and then surface with their heads together. They frolicked and raised their huge bodies and tails out of the water. We gasped with joy at each and every move they made. They were engaged in a beautiful dance of love and they allowed us to be a part of this incredible happening.

I felt that each and every part of this encounter was purposeful and knew they had come with a message. There was great meaning in all we were witnessing and they were determined to not only be seen but to be touched. I cannot begin to explain the feeling of this unexpected and unusual meeting and sharing. It was heart opening and brings tears to my eyes as I write this.

I have always felt at one with the sea. One of the reasons I love it so is the knowing that I am swimming with all the beloveds of the sea and sharing in all those energies of love and freedom and wisdom. As the sun set and the moon rose on the eve of the fall equinox, and the manatees continued their dance, the dolphins glided gracefully by and the birds filled the sky. With deepest gratitude and love I share the message the beautiful manatees have come to give.

Message from the Manatees

We come to you with a message of love. We come to you with a message of thanks. We were directed by the Council of The Sea to join with you at this incredibly important and significant time. We recognize and honor the two who come to the sea with such deep connection and love. We have seen and felt your light. We invited you to the dance. We presented the unexpected and the unknown. You backed away for fear of what may be presenting itself from the depths of the unknown. Fear rose to the surface but deep in your hearts you felt the pull, for love and expansion, communion and transcendence were calling you home.

You welcomed us. You stepped forward, out of fear and into the unknown. It was exhilarating and magical, for the power of an open heart shall always show the way out of fear and into the light. And conquering your fear shall lead you to an expansion of consciousness and communication with many more realms and beings of light. This shall continue to be part of your experience and transcendence.

A message of thanks goes out to your community for your waves of love and dedication to the sea. Your open hearts radiating healing light across the land and out into the sea, healing the waters with an alchemical dispersant of love.

Your radiant heart lights, penetrating the crystal sands and merging with the power of the sun and creating the ultraviolet light of transformation.

We feel you. We thank you. We love you.

Our hearts and worlds merge as one, as in unity we communicate through this open dialogue of loving intention.

You felt our anguish. You answered the call.

The Council of The Sea issued a proclamation that more and more shall these loving encounters take place. More and more shall we feel one another and remember one another.

The opening of The Universal Heart has been magnified by your own heart light, your transcendent crystal sands and the mighty power of the heart of the sun. For in unity we have come together, those of the land and those of the sea.

All forms of water beings, from the depths of the sea, from the springs and the lakes, from the rivers and streams call forth that balance be returned to the earth.

We come with this message of balance as the balance of the fall equinox is upon us.

We come with this message of unity and thanks as we wish to acknowledge all that is being done in the name or restoring balance to the earth.

As your healing thoughts and prayers and ceremonies have created the alchemy to heal and balance the waters, we wish to acknowledge that major shifts are occurring not only in the sea but everywhere.

May the healing waters and the beloveds of the sea nurture you as you have nurtured us through these unsettling days and may you know that what you do is transforming and transcending all.