The Heart of Love

Prayers, Poetry, Divine Inspiration by Gail Swanson

About Gail


I am the author of the book The Heart of Love : Mary Magdalene Speaks. In the midst of a long and debilitating illness I received a vision of Jerusalem.  I was told of a connection with Mary Magdalene and soon after writings emerged in the form of stories, prayers and poetry.  The Heart of Love is a beautiful love song to the divine feminine. Mary Magdalene has come forth in many ways to help to shine the light on the great imbalance of the masculine and feminine throughout time.  I am dedicated to helping to restore the divine feminine to her rightful place through powerful healing meditations and initiations of the highest order.  These divine ancient ceremonies spark the remembrance of the power, truth and beauty of the divine feminine within us all.

In recent years my communication with the divine and other dimensions has manifested in what I call Cosmic Photography. These light emanations are Christ Consciousness made manifest. Christ Consciousness is both masculine and feminine. These light encoded images are infused with the energies of Christ and Magdalene

They are brought forth at this time to help us assimilate the higher energies that are streaming in. They have come to help to heal us and to aid in our ascension and the ascension of the planet. They are cosmic tools of healing and ascension. They are imbued with and radiating light and love

They have been brought forth for us to absorb and integrate into our physical cells and our spiritual nature. Their colors and shapes are like a musical symphony entering our hearts and bodies in the same way that a beautiful piece of music does. They are perfectly balanced as to create balance within. Balance in all things particularly the balance of masculine and feminine.

Each person that views them shall receive exactly what they need at this particular time. Some of the images may bring forth emotion. Allow yourself to flow with their natural progression. Be aware of your breath as you breathe in these magnificent energies.

May the words and images you find here bring you comfort, peace and the remembrance of who you are.



6 thoughts on “About Gail

  1. Gail, were you born in Bismarck, North Dakota?

  2. Thanks for the important work you’re doing, Gail! You’re immeasurably valuable. With love and light, Rev. Elizabeth Wilson.

  3. Hi Gail, I am ordering your book today. It looks wonderful. Do you ever bring your Mary channeling to the UK? I live in London area.

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