The Heart of Love

Prayers, Poetry, Divine Inspiration by Gail Swanson

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I May Not Make it Through This Night

I may not make it through this night

war has broken out in the world

and in my body

I feel death

trying so hard to come for me

to terrify me

and so I call on Padre Pio

and my beloved St Therese

to help me and all those a world away

and yet truly not so far

as I suffer in my bed

I think of all who suffer

I weep endless tears

and I pray

I know I am not alone

and all those in fear for their lives 

have angels beside them

and they will win

one way or another


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A Point of Light

And through the darkness 

and confusion

there is a point of light 

radiating colors of love, 

mercy, healing and hope

straight into your heart



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Beyond This There Are Angels

Someone once said
if you have just one person
who truly loves you
that is all that matters
and this I have
and beyond this
there are the angels
I breathe them in 
and know
that when I breathe 
my last breath
they will be there
with me
shining upon me
The Glory of God
and there 
a choir of angels
shall sing my true name
and at long last
whisper their blessing
and welcome me home 


The Message

As I lay awake early this morning I could hear some words being spoken as if far away.
I thought I must try to listen and as I did I heard these words perfectly.
Peace of God …..During this time.
And then I found what I wrote on this day years ago.
Blessed are those who resurrect their hearts
Blessed are those who begin again
Blessed are those who are filled with compassion
Blessed are those who truly forgive
Blessed are those whose faith is transcending
all of their worries and all of their fears
Blessed are those who strive to remember
the Divine Light shining within
Blessed are those who aid the less fortunate
Blessed are those who live in peace
Blessed are those who carry a burden
resurrecting themselves again and again
Blessed are those who carry the light
of Christ and Magdalene deep within
Blessed are we as we carry the torch
Blessed are we
Amen Amen

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The Atmosphere is Filled with Angels

I took this photograph just the other day and I have spent many hours gazing at it and feeling the energies. All the images are amazingly beautiful and powerful and I believe each has one has its own vibration and message. This one feels very special to me. 

Imagine that these incredible light emanations are always surrounding us bringing us love, healing and divine sustenance. Imagine that they come in all colors and forms bringing us exactly what we need and the knowing that we are not alone. 

If you allow yourself to breathe in this beautiful gift you will feel the angels. I believe meditating upon this with a pure heart can connect you with your guardian angel. These are the little miracles we should be focusing on and communing with for these are the ways we increase our light and remember who we are and what we are capable of.

I once saw a great shower of light raining down on Jesus and Mary Magdalene. They were aware of it. They knew what was happening and what the heavenly light was providing them. It was their saving grace and it is ours.

Can you hear it?

the atmosphere is alive

with everything

with love and hate

war and peace

the past, the present, the future

the geometry of the universe

is vibrating


a universal language

we are the receivers

the tuning forks


tune in

tune up

you are breathing it in

in every moment

breathe with the awareness

that you are a cosmic transformer

of love

the atmosphere is filled

with angels

I saw one before my eyes

as we evolve

and become aware

of more

aware of the sounds of the universe

and all that lies just beyond

what we ever thought possible

to see, to hear, to know

we foster in a new way of being

a new world

it is here



the atmosphere is filled
with angels
and love is vibrating
louder and louder
can you hear it?


Holding On

I’m holding on
teetering on the edge
using all I’ve got
all the strength
all the power
knowing I have friends
in high places
holding me up
when I feel I am falling
I turn to them
the ancestors and saints
I believe
fully and wholly
in powers greater
than I can imagine
and I believe
in me

Gail Swanson


When Rainbows Find Me

Oh how a rainbow lifts me
out of the dark of the night
it is always there
just beyond the veil
showering us all with it’s light

nature’s palette of color
swirling and healing us all
no matter how low
we seem to go
each color softens the fall

heavenly hues
purples and blues
vibrating sweetly with love
lifting and bathing us
blessing and saving us
magic from high above

when rainbows find me
they always remind me
that nothing is what it seems
that just beyond here
there is love everywhere
and soon we shall all remember

that the light of love
and the light of hope
comes in every imaginable color
that this our time
that this our place
and each one of us is a rainbow
merging our hearts
merging as one
upon rainbow 
upon rainbow

Gail Swanson


The Shift


The Shift

On Christmas morning I had an incredible and significant dream. This was the kind of dream that looks and feels so different and stays with you unfolding its deep mysteries and messages bit by bit. After months and months of the most harrowing physical and emotional struggles this dream is like a message of hope and rebirth.

I believe in telling our stories. I believe we help one another by speaking our truth no matter how difficult that is. Writing is my way of processing and I have been unable to write during these long months of the deepest, darkest, most frightening physical and emotional trials I have ever lived through and I have been doing this for a very, very, long time. I can handle more than even I can imagine. This however was a whole other level. There were many days and nights I thought I would not make it.

I could say I was fighting for my life but in truth all I wanted was to give up, to get out, to go home. This was a truly hellish experience, like nothing I have ever traversed before. I will leave it at that but I know many of you have been going through your own dark night. I continue to write here because of all the messages I receive telling me how much it helps others going through their own trials and if this can help even one person then I must continue to share my experience.

This morning when contemplating my dream I heard the words “The Shift” and knew I was to go out and photograph the energies of The Shift. I share it with the hope that you can feel that we are coming into a new way of being. I do not know if as individuals we have more to go through at that unbearable level as we continue to transmute not only for ourselves but for the collective but I do feel the light shining through after a very dark time. We are here and we continue on. We are so much more and we are doing so much more than we ever know.

I know the energies in this image, so divinely given, radiate out and aid us in making the Grandest Shift of All.

I wish you LOVE and PEACE and most of all I wish you HOPE.

In the light,


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All is Made One


photo by Gail Swanson


when how you feel

expresses itself in the Heavens

all is made one

for a moment in time


The Vow

13233024_10209109757293261_8915238149280778598_n.jpg 13260045_10209109777733772_955937847730846881_n.jpg IMG_0805.jpg

for richer for poorer

in sickness and in health

I think the priest

should have screamed that part

and then we should have screamed

for what was to come

for us both

but we went smiling

down the aisle

and into our uncertain future

full of hope….

 it feels as though we have lived many lives

each chapter a different life

some so beautiful it was like a dream

some so heartbreaking we barely survived

 if we could travel back

the babies would be

our finest hour

beautiful round faces

and fat little thighs

eyes of wisdom

saving angels

 but now the house is still

as we sit across the table

with not a single distraction

in the quiet of the room

as we turn to one another

no strangers do we see

just the boy and just the girl

who made a young sweet promise

on a long ago perfect day in May

 little did we know

that the beauty of the vow

would be a gift from heaven

of a love that knows no bounds