The Heart of Love

Prayers, Poetry, Divine Inspiration by Gail Swanson

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more ascending

Spirits Ascending

ascension 2

And the sky became filled with the spirits of ascension and joy

They came to remind us we too shall rise in joy

And though the sign of the spirits shall fade

The heart of the spirit remains

And as I looked up I too was filled with the spirit of love and hope and joy.

The spirits spoke as they ascended.

Precious times are these. Look to nature above all.

The Grandmother tree invites you to sit with her, to commune with her, bring your worries and your questions to her. Wrap your arms around her and give her all you have. Breathe in her magnificence. Honor this sacred exchange heart to heart. Remember who you are.

Lila and tree

My granddaughter Lila

tree with pink

My tree

me and tree

Me in communion

The Divine Mother and Christ Child are with you always

Treat all relationships with the sacredness of mother and child


mother and baby

mother and baby big

Divine Mother and Child photo enlarged

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