The Heart of Love

Prayers, Poetry, Divine Inspiration by Gail Swanson

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I am the keeper of the waters

I am the tears behind the veil

I am the mystery and the knowing

I am the wind beneath my own sail

I am the moon full and rising

I am the sorrow and joy

I am the sweet and the bitter

I am the sacrifice and the prize

I am the feminine yearning

For love for honor and truth

I am my past and my destiny

I am the mother of the earth

Do not try to mistake me

Do not try to forsake me

For I am an ancient power

Roaring like rolling thunder

And I am reclaiming my birthright

And I am reclaiming my crown

For none shall hold me or bind me

And none shall keep me down

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The Magic of Destiny


prayers light up the sky

with hope

signs appear

as if by magic

energies swirl

whispering your destiny

fears rise

out of dark secret places

fears of old

rusted and creaking

magic blooming

with divine possibility

a cosmic brew

yours for the taking

sip a cup of magic

spill a cup of fear

rise up and walk

the path seldom traveled

the magic of destiny

is calling your name



I Have Chosen

artist Sally Mergenthaler

artist Sally Mergenthaler

 I have chosen
to stand in my power
I have chosen
to speak out and sing
the song of my birth
the song of my destiny
the song that connects me
to every living thing
I am awakening
I am emerging
powerful woman
as strong as the sea
see me shining
see me most radiant
for I have chosen
to remember and be
powerful and glorious
knowing and compassionate
woman reborn
in my choice to be free