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The Dream ~ The Message ~ The Animal Kingdom


The Dream

I had a dream that I was standing beside a huge body of water. It was not familiar to me. The whole dream was in a sepia sort of muddy color. There were other people there. As some of them were about to go into the water others yelled out “Don’t go in the water it is toxic.” As soon as that happened it seemed as if I could see way further than I should be able to. I could see way, way out into the water. And there I could see all these gigantic animals of all kinds swimming away in single file. The next thing I knew I was in the water in line with the animals swimming with the whales. And now a dolphin came up on my right side and turned on her back and looked as if she was smiling at me. She began to swim round and round me over and under my legs. At this point I woke up because my dog was crying to go outside.

This was one of those big dreams that you know are very important. The dream stayed with me. I knew there was a message. The next day I had an appointment with a new doctor I had only seen once. He was not very friendly and in fact was rather cold and stern. I was not feeling well at all and wishing I did not have to go but I had to be seen to renew my medication. I was so dizzy that my husband had to drive me and I was just feeling so annoyed that I had to see this doctor again and thinking that I will have to look for another doctor since he is definitely not for me.

I sat in the waiting room just hoping to get this all over with quickly when the doctor came walking out in his regular clothes. I was the only patient in the waiting room. He looked over at me and gave me a big smile and said hello. I was so taken back by his friendliness and his coming out to say hello I said jokingly “Am I going to have my appointment here in the waiting room?” He said “No.” Then he said “Do you like dogs”? I said “Yes I love dogs.” Then he said “Would you like to meet my dog”? I was thinking he must have just gotten a new puppy and brought the dog to work. Now he leaves the room and comes walking back out with the most beautiful Great Dane.

There is no way for me to describe what went on next. I bent down and this beautiful gigantic animal looked me in my eyes and it was like the whole room and the doctor just disappeared. I don’t know how long this went on but I never stopped talking to this amazing creature, telling him how happy I was to meet him and how beautiful he was. His name was Hudson. He never moved. He never broke our gaze. We fell instantly in love.

When the doctor finally tried to get Hudson to come with him he would not budge. He wanted to stay with me. So here I was dizzy and disoriented from the episode I was having that day and having this incredible experience. By the time I saw the doctor for my appointment we had both been changed. Something there is no explanation for had happened. I call it divine intervention.

My husband was waiting in the car unsure on how this second visit was going to go knowing I was so apprehensive about it. I gave a thumbs up as I walked towards the car. I got in and burst into tears. I said “You wont believe what happened. The dream of the gigantic animals manifested in the doctors office.”

What are the chances that you have a dream that all the gigantic animals on the planet are swimming together and the next day your previously unfriendly doctor introduces you to his dog and he is a gigantic Great Dane.

There is a second mini miracle concerning my health, this doctor and my medication. Let’s just say that everything that happened in my last visit completely turned around with this visit.

And so I came home and all the events were swirling in my head, the dream, the doctor, Hudson and the message. Some of the message is personal but some is meant to be shared.

The Message

The animals as they are so called here are calling out, reaching out from every realm. Their presence and size in the water as well as yours is significant. Huge beings from all over the planet swimming with their hearts in unity yet single file as to represent our unique individuality in what we do and why we are here. We work collectively and individually just as you do.

We called out to you in a dream yet the dream itself is a place of great power where many things are created and worked upon, worked out.

Our heads above water, bodies swimming with strength and courage and intention. A symphony of beings creating a sound, a tone in the uninhabitable waters. Each movement of our legs sending out a vibration and tone of healing and restoration. Your presence needed to add your own special vibration and your own knowing that we are one and belong together.

Once you were called upon as the manatee represented us all. (I once had two manatee come to me when I was swimming in the Gulf) You can read that story here. You joined us then and you join us now as you have always been one with the Animal Kingdom.

The color shall return to the dream when your world has moved into a place of love and compassion for all.

Our water parade was in honor of the two magnificents Tilikum and Granny (when I had this dream these two magnificent whales had just passed) who have ascended and shall be aiding in an even higher capacity than before.

Each animal has it’s own tone representing their unique individual name. The names given here by man have some aspect of the tone as to keep a certain harmonic resonance. This is of great importance. However the giving of the name in most cases is without deep thought and contemplation or revelation. So we must impress it upon those who are not awakened enough to do so. This is the same as the way a human is named.

The closest thing to earthy understanding of what the name for the Animal Kingdom is (I kept hearing the song They Call The Wind Mariah) Ma – Ri – A.

You are awakened to know and understand the connection between the dolphin, the manatee, the whales and the species named dog. He is so named not by accident for a body of water which is close to your heart and your home. (Hudson River)

The dolphin transmitted joy and playfulness to you even though you were immersed in toxic water. However you were among those you love. (they showed me the parallel of my life with what I deal with with my health but surrounded by my loved ones)

Hudson transmitted the love and power and beauty of the entire Kingdom through his eyes. All the Beloveds you have cared for and loved upon the earth lovingly present in the water and were also seen and felt through the eyes of Hudson.

Hudson is a Healer. An old soul. He came to fill the doctor with compassion for those who come to him suffering. You will continue to receive healing from Hudson through the doctor. You have been together before. The meeting was a reunion. The doctor was impressed to bring Hudson in so that this meeting would take place.

Another synchronicity – My daughter remembered that my mother lived on Hudson Avenue.

I was then given some personal information about my work with Cosmic Photography.

Bring forth the light being photographs.

We are all one.

We will aid you in your next step.

We imbue the photographs with our energies. They are for healing purposes and for the expansion of consciousness.

Those who need to be present to them shall be.

Open your heart there is more to come.

One of the last things they wanted to impress upon us is this.

Over coming fear increases spiritual power.

The overall message I was receiving as I was writing this transmission was, we must work together, overcome our fears of immersing ourselves into things we are afraid of and be aware of the power the diversity of the collective has when working as one. These are not new ideas of course but how beautiful that the animal kingdom is coming forward at this time to show us they are working with us and that dimensions are merging in an effort to create the unity we must have to not only survive but to flourish.

I am deeply grateful for this beautiful experience and for the message from the Ma – Ri – A. They wanted their message to be shared and I am honored to do so.

To see some of my Cosmic Photography


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