The Heart of Love

Prayers, Poetry, Divine Inspiration by Gail Swanson

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Spiritual Loneliness


photo by Gail Swanson

Some of us feel a deep and intense loneliness that is always present. Nothing eases it. It comes from a longing, a yearning from something you can barely remember and yet we know it absolutely and completely. In some ways the loneliness comforts me as it is a constant reminder that something far greater and far more precious and wonderful exists somewhere beyond all this. And of course we are blessed beyond measure to have beautiful divine experiences to remind us we are not alone. Still the feeling remains for we are here on earth in human form. We are multidimensional beings, with our feet in many worlds, navigating the heartaches of the world and the glory of the divine. When the loneliness is too much look up and remember the reason for our loneliness is the extraordinary divine love we remember deep in our hearts and our souls and find comfort in the knowing that it is ever there shining down upon us.


The Lions Gate Portal


As we enter The Lions Gate and the powerful triple 8-8-8 portal there is much being brought to the surface. Dreams and revelations coming back up helping to reveal what we need to know at this time. Inner and outer truths are being revealed. We stand at the threshold of The Diamond Gateway ~ The Magdalene Gateway. Divine feminine diamond light codes merge now with our sacred diamond hearts. The merging of the true masculine and feminine, balanced, reborn, strengthened and renewed. The love of Christ and Magdalene showers upon you.


The delicate and precious balance of love, of equality, of divine union is being restored upon the earth
As the scales tip back and forth weighing all imbalances, upheavals are felt as we continue to move closer and closer
into our true spiritual balance
As you use the breath to create balance within, breathe through the heart into the heart of the earth.
Create within and without this spiritual balance of unity and love with the earth and her people
Breathe for the plants, for the birds, for the trees, for every living being , every mountain and stream
For with the breath most divine you carry the spark of divine light and transformation
All is felt. All is noted. All is one in this magnificent creation
We come hand in hand through the power of divine love
We breathe with you through the breath of the Holy Spirit
We speak to you through the power of love
We dance with you in this delicate balance
Breathe the breath of spiritual balance as hand in hand we bring forth a new creation.
Loving hearts emanating oneness
Balancing within
Balancing without
Creation upon creation
Breath upon breath
The breath of Heaven is upon you