The Heart of Love

Prayers, Poetry, Divine Inspiration by Gail Swanson

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Tree Guardian


When I saw her image
I began to weep
although I had always known
for I felt her
from the very beginning
I know her
for she is part of me
as I am part of her
she took her time
revealing herself
but suddenly
she was there
serene and lovely
Guardian of All that is
She shall remain in secret
high above
and bestowing
her divine nature
upon the fairies and butterflies
and all who sing her nature song
to the trees, the sky and the earth


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I Am The Light of Love


I am the light of love
I am the memory of all that is love
my hands were made to comfort and heal
my eyes were made to see through illusion
my voice was given to speak only truth
my heart beats only through love’s consolation
I am the light of love
born to shine like the morning sun
born to give and receive true love
born to express my true divine nature
to live and breathe the memory of one
one heart, one world, one heaven created
I am the light of love
may love and peace prevail