The Heart of Love

Prayers, Poetry, Divine Inspiration by Gail Swanson

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Oh Divine Union

harry clarke

In honor of Venus and Jupiter
from the book The Heart of Love : Mary Magdalene Speaks

Oh divine union
oh holy night
oh the stars in heaven
and the earth beneath our feet

hand in hand
electrified by love
two hearts beating
in perfect unison

world out of balance
world forged by men

this union
gifted to one another
and presented to all who had eyes to see
meant to be known
throughout the ages
to unify and glorify
the truth of man and woman

we whispered our love
we cried out our agony
we dared to be
the living breathing truth of God
God within
pure, loving, eternal
brilliant and natural
as the sea, the sky, the earth

oh dusty days
and long internments
walking, speaking, touching, healing
living the golden way
expressing this divine energy to all
releasing it out into the cosmos
to merge with all that is unseen

to remain as a sacred healing balm
for all the world
for it is always shining there

for we understood that this was to be done
we understood that the day would come
when the memory of this glorious union
would be remembered
by the beloveds

and as was done then
the spell of forgetting would be broken
and eyes would widen with wonder
and miracles would come
and love would burst forth
for the truest memory of love
is everywhere
and within everyone

we were guided by a power
a power that connected us to one another
and to every man, woman and child
all felt this in our presence

many were frightened as they continue to be today
what is this fear of the power of love?
what is this renouncing in the equality in all that is love?

these fears are the fears of old
these energies continue to confuse
to nullify truth

the truth lies within you
the truth is the guardian of the most holy

there is much more to be revealed
and the earth shall quake and the heavens shall roar

for the awakening must come
and love and truth shall reign

quietly go within
feel every truth
for these acknowledgements are the jewels
along the golden path
the pathway to peace and enlightenment
do not look for greater truths
until you have turned to your own

for one truth resonates with another
and the energies gather
until the magnitude of the greatest truth of all
is felt and lived

you gather as we once did
you speak of these things
and you remember somewhere in your heart
the wonder and beauty of the paradise we brought to earth

our divine vow
our loving demonstration

love is beautiful
love does not hurt
love rejoices for one another
love is kind
love is the force behind all that manifests
in goodness and light

how do you live with a loving heart in a world of madness
and anger and doubt?

through the light of Christ and the heart of Mary Magdalene
for he and I lived this love
through unbearable trials
and I say to you it can be done
and I say to you it must be done
for if you have ears to hear
and eyes to see
to accept these words
you have the heart to know
the truth of all that is being brought forth

it does not take courage to do these things
it takes only love
for love is your natural state of being
and love is the creator of all that is

gaze at the stars
and you shall feel love
swim in the sea and you shall feel love
walk upon the earth and you shall feel love
look into another’s eyes
and truly know love

I come at this time and place
I speak through her my beloved counterpart
for she has allowed this memory most true
only fear prevents the remembering
only love can bring you back home

home is the truth
and the truth is the light
the light of love
in each and ever heart

look to one another
touch one another
hold one another
in your wondrous embrace

draw the light of heaven down through your head
pull the love of the earth up through your feet
feel these energies merge in the heart
and release out through your hands
the healing power of love

this is as it was
and this it shall be