The Heart of Love

Prayers, Poetry, Divine Inspiration by Gail Swanson

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Love is Everywhere


I posted this image called Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail on my FB page by Marius Michael George


The next day I took this photograph in my backyard. I have been photographing these Christ Consciousness light emanations for the past few years.


To me the similarity is astounding.

Next I was visited by a hawk who came as Messenger to prepare me to be awakened at 4am the next morning to receive an important message.


Mary Magdalene Message

I am here in a myriad of ways. I stand with you and for you. Much is being repeated in your lives and in the world. Your awareness is magnifying the breakdown of the old and through the cracks in the breaking apart, your divine awareness shines the brilliant light of divine evolution.

As you have seen my divine soul signature made manifest, so it is that your own divine soul signature manifests out into the world creating love, balance and healing.

The changes shall continue. The awakening shall shake and wake each and every soul. Your own personal integrity, each and every single thing you do and say is now magnified in ways that are changing everything. The scales continue to tip back and forth and in more and more drastic ways. Therefore that which must fall shall fall and that which must rise shall rise.

Be ever vigilant in loving thoughts and actions for you shall be pushed and prodded to lose patience and to feel overwhelmed. You are divinely supported by the many. You are considered courageous and most beautiful.

We are ever at your side.

These things that have come before, lives, situations, people, places, everything, all add up to one thing, your own divine soul signature rising up. Your divine soul signatures are creating the beautiful colors and vibrations of love and consolation that are moving your world through this time of chaos and upheaval.

Meditate upon this.

Call it into being.

See it and feel it and most of all live it.

I speak now as a form of encouragement for I sense your weariness but also your fortitude and dedication.

All is well and all shall be well.

Love is everywhere.



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Birthday Musings


Birthday December 19, 2014

I came into this world during the Winter Solstice. My parents brought me home from the hospital on Christmas Eve. I was loved and adored and I loved and adored them. I was happy but sensitive in ways I knew that nobody else was.

Along the way I have been challenged with enormous struggles and I have been blessed with the gift of the angels. They whisper to me mysteries that lie beyond the veil. I am awake. I listen and watch for the droplets that fall from the Cup of  The Holy Grail and I drink them in. My name is in resonance with the Sacred Cup of Truth.

I am weary of the struggle and fortified by the truth. No matter how weary I watch and listen. I pray for a miracle, but what is the miracle? The miracle is the amazing strength it takes for the angels to lift you again and again out of the darkest places and into the light of the miracle.

I am still that sensitive girl. I take it all in with screams of joy and excruciating sorrow. There is no in between. It is part of what I must do. I feel. I feel it all. Yours, mine, the planet’s and beyond.

A couple of years ago I had a dream that I was to receive a Shaman’s haircut. It was a powerful dream. I followed it and went and cut off my hair. That might be a simple thing for some but not for me. What was with my hair? My God it was freeing to cut it off. It was a practice in letting go. I didn’t like it but I did it. Today on this day of my birth I begin to grow it back. I was meant to challenge myself, to let go and move into something out of my usual comfort.

As this past year began I was in a terrible way physically and emotionally. I needed a miracle. I prayed and I received. Sometimes the miracle is just not the one you were looking for but it is a miracle all the same. It was a powerful year. We are in a powerful time. The world is filled with sorrows and distractions. Listen for the angels. And whatever you do, don’t go to sleep.