The Heart of Love

Prayers, Poetry, Divine Inspiration by Gail Swanson


Resurrect Yourself


Give it up

don’t hold on

let it all go

It’s exhausting





to fix it all

the energies are pushing us

to see it all

to feel it all

acknowledge the deepness of it

the hurt of it

the attachment to it

it all rises to the surface


I can hear it in the wind

free yourself

I feel it in my bones

resurrect yourself

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Love Is The Answer


glistening waters, healing, refreshing
submerge down deep
to the cool, clear, cold place
where the holy spirit dwells
and kisses you with her holy breath
as you release and submerge
know you are enveloped
in love of the most high

casting away all fear
flowing down the stream of eternity
opening your eyes
no longer afraid to see
the magnificent colors
and heavenly beings adorning the shores

feel their light radiate towards you
as you gently glide past all that is
capture the melodies
that resonate in perfect harmony
with all that you are
see the beloveds kindly bestowing
every blessing upon you

as you make your way
the sun is dancing
the birds are singing
all colors of the rainbow
shower upon you
this is your true state of being
this is the place
where you truly live

whatever the question
love is the answer
and all of it’s majesty
within you resides

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The Great In Between


I am lost
in the great in between
I need a hand
to pull me up
and out
can this be a dream
it is hard to tell
in this solitary place
where prayers are whispered
in the dark of night
and tears fall silently
prayers rise as tears fall
and the call for help is heard
I know it is heard
and it will come


I Have Chosen

artist Sally Mergenthaler

artist Sally Mergenthaler

 I have chosen
to stand in my power
I have chosen
to speak out and sing
the song of my birth
the song of my destiny
the song that connects me
to every living thing
I am awakening
I am emerging
powerful woman
as strong as the sea
see me shining
see me most radiant
for I have chosen
to remember and be
powerful and glorious
knowing and compassionate
woman reborn
in my choice to be free

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Fall Into the Mystery


Fall into the mystery


stand upon the edge

and don’t look back

wipe the tears shed for the old

and take a deep breath

and fall

eyes open wide




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More Than Enough


I have been here before
I know this territory
it is bleak and dry and barren
I am alone
with my thoughts
and my fears
I toss and turn
on my bed of sorrows
all night long
the morning comes
and there is no reprieve
I am left with
but my will
and my faith
and it is more than enough

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Ancient Key of Power


turn the ancient key
of power
and step into
the now
reawaken and reclaim
the alchemical golden magic
the power of love
and truth
speak the ancient language
of the heart
and call forth
the symbolic mystical application
forged by the heart, power and will
of the feminine
pronounce it
and announce it
feel it
breathe it
and will it
so be it