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Miracles are spiritual encouragement of the highest order



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See With New Eyes


On Valentine’s Day I was honored to lead a women’s meditation group in a beautiful and powerful Crown of Power Initiation.  I also decided to read something I had written that morning about certain mindsets concerning illness.

Recently a friend was going through quite an ordeal with a detached retina and someone mentioned that she thought Patricia was a visionary. I thought isn’t that interesting, a visionary going through the experience of possibly losing her vision.

The subject of illness has had me spend many hours in contemplation. It has been a close companion of mine for many years.

I thought about how many in the spiritual community would say “What is it you are not seeing?”  They would assume this is something Patricia manifested and must figure out how to heal it.

But what if it is not about what she does not see but what she DOES see.

What if Patricia is passing through an initiation not just for herself but for the many who are too blind to see?  Perhaps Patricia’s inner vision is now even more  magnified.

Try turning your thinking around.

Expand your awareness .

See with new eyes.

The belief system around illness especially in the spiritual and new age communities does not portray the full picture by any means.

Beings that carry a great light often experience challenges that could easily weaken them.  The power that arises when you must get up off your knees again and again is an alchemical power.

Some are here as spiritual warriors, alchemical masters.  All is happening at the highest level and in the most divine way.  A great mystic Lars Muhl said to me “Any process of suffering carries with it the opportunity for initiation of the highest order.

In spite of all circumstances that take you to the very edge of what you can bear, there is your will.  And this will is your divine will for it is sacred and holy and magnificent.

Your divine will knows of the higher purpose.  Divine will lifts you in your darkest hours.  It matters not if you stumble and lose your way and even wish to give it all up.  For the divine ones surround you and whisper your spiritual name over and over until your divine remembrance breaks through the darkness.

The light remains.  And each time you rekindle your faith and each time you surrender to the ultimate divine will, which is the will of God, your own personal divine will becomes that much stronger.

Allow the physical challenges to take you on this journey.  You will be taken to places you could never have dreamed.

You will see with new eyes.

Every moment will become magnified, precious.  Plans fall away.  All you have is the moment, the now.  And it is beautiful.

Integrity and truth become paramount in those around you.  There is no time for idle talk and pronouncements over why they think you are passing through this great initiation.

It is not for us to completely know.

Move through whatever you are experiencing in a bigger way.

Feel it on a cosmic level.

Throw out the old concepts and use your inner knowing.

Your inner vision.

Think about Patricia and this beautiful visionary symbology she is offering us.

Bless those who are passing through such a holy initiation and perhaps even thank them, for their suffering is not solitary. It is planetary and beyond.  They are the spiritual alchemists continuously transforming the shadows of cold hard metal into miraculous gold.