The Heart of Love

Prayers, Poetry, Divine Inspiration by Gail Swanson

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Standing Rock


The world is constantly reenacting events in one guise or another. The same tricks that have been tried before are tried again. The pain and hurt of past traumas are carried within and triggered by these supposedly new events. But here we stand, still here, here we stand witness to yet another atrocity and here we bear witness to the old and natural way made new.

Standing Rock is the model for the New Earth. Old differences cast aside for the love of the earth and her people. As pure hearts gather, unite and rise in prayer they rise at all costs. The most pure and powerful prayers are rising and calling out to the ancestors and all benevolent spirits. The power of this gathering on sacred land, prayers and ceremony offered in peace is a power most sacred and most blessed.

No matter what happens, the purity and integrity, this stand for what is right and true is changing that which needs to be transformed. This is a spiritual and cosmic transformation of all that needs changing. Standing Rock is THE representation for ALL. All life, all people, all the earth.

Let us focus on the energies of raising our hearts in unity and prayer and continue to stand for truth and integrity for everything we know is right and true in every aspect of our lives. Each prayer we offer, each time we move towards more love and compassion, each time we overcome bitterness and anger no matter what the world presents we rise in unity and transformation.

There are forces that work to divide us, to weaken us with worry and fear, confusion and anger and they prey on our reactions to our differences. It has been overwhelming. We wish to retreat but remember we were meant for these times. We have what it takes. We were meant to rise up through extreme personal challenges alongside these extreme world events.

Breathe through your heart and feel the world united. Breathe the breath of Standing Rock. We are Standing Rock, each and every one of us. Thanks be to those whose presence there inspires and enlightens and no matter how it seems are transmuting darkness into light.

In a world divided we come together
heart to heart and hand to hand
breathing in the divine emanation
of love and faith and peace everlasting
filling our hearts with this heavenly love
and breathing our intention
upon our land and her people
breathing it out to every tree and every rock
to every body of water
to every bird and every bee
blessing ourselves
and our brothers and our sisters
expanding our intention
beyond illusionary boundaries
riding the waves of our multidimensionality
opening our hearts
to our sovereignty and divinity
illuminating all
that has been hidden and forgotten
and emerging as one
in the light of the new earth

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Defend the Sacred

As we pray and create ceremony for the Water Protectors at Standing Rock and as heartbreaking as this is, there is something beautiful taking place. I have been feeling it through my own tears.

Tribes and people from all walks of life from all over the nation are coming together in love and power uniting as one. This unity is creating a force field of love, compassion and oneness that is affecting all. In the midst of crisis and upheaval there is always something happening at the highest level.

An ancestral soul healing is taking place even in the midst of this brutal and disrespectful act.

We continue to come together through the heart of love and rise up as a people who are awake and working tirelessly for the conscious awakening of our world and her people.

May the power of love, prayer and oneness reign down upon this planet and heal the separation that continues to cause such pain and sorrow.

May love, peace and unity prevail.