The Heart of Love

Prayers, Poetry, Divine Inspiration by Gail Swanson

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A New Sun


I am sharing this because I believe and something beyond what we see here is so needed. This message was received by me some time ago and was shown to me this morning.

May love and peace prevail.

All that is transpiring now on this planet is the collapse of all that is false, and all that does not serve. There is a new sun, there is a new day, there is a new and fresh air to be breathed. There is hope for the hopeless and strength for the weak. The power of love, born of heaven, rains down on those who continue to believe in the magnificent power of a pure heart and a loving landscape of a new earth created by this love.

The memory of heaven on earth awakens now, day by day, moment by moment and thought by thought. The magnitude and memory of this love cracks the shell of illusion in our hearts and upon our land. It moves through our bodies, it rumbles through our earth. It lights up our skies. For the emergence of this love is all that we have yearned for and all that earth has yearned for. For the earth is as weary as we, of battles fought upon her back. She cries rivers of tears, she trembles beneath our feet, and she prays that we shall see and hear and feel the call to love.

Golden healing energies stream down as stars and benevolent beings come to our aid for our loving thoughts and deeds rise up and merge with dimensions and universes as our ancient beloved star families feel us and hear us and respond.
May we trust our hearts and our inner knowings. May we remember the first dawn of all that was good. May we ignite our power through releasing and remembering. May we expand our hearts through this love remembered. And may we walk unafraid, hand in hand, with the Golden Ones who come from the stars…for the time is at hand.

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photos by Gail Swanson