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The Great Awakening


photo by Gail Swanson

This is the time of The Great Awakening. This is the time of truths being revealed. This is the time where chaos in our country and around the world is designed to distract you from the most important work of all. A few weeks ago I was awakened early and began to have a life review as I was lying there trying to go back to sleep. This was the beginning of a day that revealed more and more. This was preparation for what was to come during Holy Week.

We are living the Divine Plan. How much we allow ourselves to see is a spiritual process that we are living and hopefully cultivating each and every day. I have had some undeniable truths revealed to me over Holy Week. This is a very powerful time. This is a time where we are being granted the grace to see things that are so incredible about ourselves, our world and beyond that it will take some deep reflection and time to assimilate lifetimes of information that have everything to do with our soul missions today.

Receiving spiritual truths is not an easy process. It is deeply emotional and takes your full commitment to see it through to the very best of your ability. This is when the Divine Partnership moves into high gear. You can sit around astounded and wait for more to be revealed but truly this is the time to take action and fully step into your spiritual power. This is a new step, one never taken before. This is a leap. This is the time. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

This morning I was led to my own story that has everything to do with my further awakening during this Holy Week. We all help to spark one another’s remembrance of who we are and why we have come. Perhaps if you read my story, as far out as it may seem, it will awaken you to more of your own incredible spiritual story. As I was guided to read it this morning I was given more much more understanding of how it all fits together and where I am to go from here.

I share it here with love.