The Heart of Love

Prayers, Poetry, Divine Inspiration by Gail Swanson

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Spiritual Loneliness


photo by Gail Swanson

Some of us feel a deep and intense loneliness that is always present. Nothing eases it. It comes from a longing, a yearning from something you can barely remember and yet we know it absolutely and completely. In some ways the loneliness comforts me as it is a constant reminder that something far greater and far more precious and wonderful exists somewhere beyond all this. And of course we are blessed beyond measure to have beautiful divine experiences to remind us we are not alone. Still the feeling remains for we are here on earth in human form. We are multidimensional beings, with our feet in many worlds, navigating the heartaches of the world and the glory of the divine. When the loneliness is too much look up and remember the reason for our loneliness is the extraordinary divine love we remember deep in our hearts and our souls and find comfort in the knowing that it is ever there shining down upon us.