The Heart of Love

Prayers, Poetry, Divine Inspiration by Gail Swanson



The breath and soul of the feminine

now breathed back into being

and upon the wings of the wind

it is carried far and wide

it is infinite in it’s breath

and divine in it’s healing power

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Thank you very much for your courage and love for humanity.went I find you blog I understood part of some experience in my life that I didn’t have the key to understand more deeply..7 years ago in Arizona at 2:22 am in the hotel room 222 I become a message from a family of Light..I was pregnant and they talk about Siria and middle east…I just talk this with my family and close friends..I wish I can talk with you .I see very often after that 9:11 and I was looking for the meaning…after reading your blog I star to understand from my heart.Thank you .blessings of love for you and everyone.

  2. For many years I have been following my part through intuition and Higher Self. Through each imitation in these horrendous 7 years the gifts continued. I have done Spiritual and Soul readings for 25 years, before the 3rd dimension collapsed 7 years years ago, I was doing many readings at a number of Expo’s in New England….always with the hope in mind that I would be able to put a Priestess group together. One that we have carried for many life times. This would be home away from home, the resonance of our gifts would take us to another level, where through sacred words and and sounds would be exchanged… there was not one person to invite..I would like to share this with you…I am not sure where it came from I write things down on pieces of paper and find them when needed…”the Sisterhood has incarnated in every race and on every continent at the time. This is the Soul Linage that is part of the Great Monad of the Christ Consciousness, a vast group of Souls commited to planetary Ascension..,,These particular woman have been chosen for this pilgrimage.None of them are living for themselves any more. Realization of the greater work of their Souls has come to all of them”…the transitions can be grueling…I have found around the Globe 4 woman who understand this truth and we support each other along the way… this is my Heart if there are any groups in the US hopefully not psychological, I am looking for the Mysteries and the Sacred…
    Hope tis is a place where I can leave this..

    • This is absolutely the place to leave this and I relate and have been through and continue to be all that you speak of. I am going to message you. Thank you for this.

    • On the 13th of January during a dream state I woke feeling that I had been in a gathering of female energy bodies who had in common a similar age during their present incarnation. I have little memory of dream experience but woke with a sense of knowing and fragments of communication which fit into place as I told the dream memory to my husband:
      The Light Being teacher appeared to me as Auragius and was communicating that the spiritual beings gathered together had in common:
      • that in their male and female energy there was an imbalance. In this incarnation there would be focus on correcting this by the individual.
      • that in their prenatal development brain development had been disturbed by the female energy – at the time in prenatal development when the female or reproductive organ development competes with immune and non-gender specific brain development.
      • that the beings gathered together had in common being associated to Indigo children, Crystal children or being gifted or unusual.
      • that the spirit beings gathered shared a particularly difficult 7 year cycle during which many had chosen not to remain.
      • that the spirit beings would now undergo a period of brain development as the signal which interfered with prenatal brain development during the growth of the reproductive system was no longer blocking the migratory cell transmission.
      • the spirit beings could choose to attempt to locate one another in waking state.

    • Greetings in sisterhood of sacredness and Holy Spirit,
      May all that is Light love and Life be with you today.Thank you so very much for posting here, my prayers are with you in the caring of the message of Oneness with Christ Consciousness and Heavenly transcendence. I have been studying now for 30 years and have been in so many wonderful and joyous experiences with women and a few men who hold The Divine Feminine in highest respect. One of the women groups I have been studying is The Sisterhood of the Shields’ who’s teachings are thousands of years old. These 44 women come from all over the globe. I have with them been privy to the energy of transcendence and have transmitted old worn out thought systems and negative, unprotected energy. I have taken part in rituals that have created me whole, and brought much healing light into my life and my practices of the art of living well.
      A few of the Saints and Divine beings we bring into our circle are Quan Yin, Mary Magdalene ,Spider Woman, and for me Saint Bridget.
      Please lets stay in touch. Our prayers can lift the consciousness of the whole world to Universal Truth and beyond.

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