The Heart of Love

Prayers, Poetry, Divine Inspiration by Gail Swanson

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When I was seventeen my heart was broken.  The Vietnam war took my Billy out of our idyllic world. He never came back.  He came last night in a dream.  It was real and true. We expressed our love for each other and resolved much of this deep old irreparable wound.  I am forever grateful that such things are possible. I wrote this for him many years ago.  This is for you Billy.  I love you so.

I’ve carried your smiling face
in my heart
all these years
I wasn’t quite aware
just how close you’ve been
until I saw your picture

a visit to your sister, Pat
an old album
with a psychedelic cover
snippets of memories inside
long hair
bell bottoms

as I turned the page
and we were laughing
I was stunned
back into reality
at the sight of your sweet face
smiling up at me
from that old yellowing book

how shocking to see
your smile again
the same exact one
that remains in my heart
to this day
my tears flowed
and the pain was as fresh as it was
on the day we were told
we would see that smile no more

time does not
heal all wounds
we just remain wounded
and carry on
as if we’re not
until something
a word
or a picture
jolts us back
back to that original place
of grieving
for what is lost

what really gets us through
is the shining smile
that can never die
the smile of a boy
we called Billy


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Esoteric Mystery


I am falling
show me a way
out of this dark hell
and into the light of a miracle
I know too much
and not enough
the truth of my lives
line up before me
swirling in visions, dreams
and synchronicities
an esoteric mystery
unsolvable by earthly means
I am weary
and so I pray
for some kind of miracle
for the answer lies beyond all this
this I know for sure
and in the dark of night
between despair and hope
my cries and prayers are heard
and the miracle appears

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vermont clouds

Miracles are spiritual encouragement of the highest order