The Heart of Love

Prayers, Poetry, Divine Inspiration by Gail Swanson

Flowers and Thorns



Chie Yoshi

She lives the Crowning
of Flowers and Thorns
She bears them both
with beauty and grace
never forgetting
Her ancient place
the Agony and Ecstasy
the fulfillment of the promise
She lives and breathes
Her sacred offering
embodiment blessed
the beauty of the Flower
the piercing of the Thorns


Author: The Heart of Love

I am the author of the book The Heart of Love : Mary Magdalene Speaks. In the midst of a long and debilitating illness I received a vision of Jerusalem. I was told of a connection with Mary Magdalene and soon after writings emerged in the form of stories, prayers and poetry. The Heart of Love is a beautiful love song to the divine feminine. Mary Magdalene has come forth in many ways to help to shine the light on the great imbalance of the masculine and feminine throughout time. I am dedicated to helping to restore the divine feminine to her rightful place through powerful meditations and initiations of the highest order. These divine ancient ceremonies spark the remembrance of the power, truth and beauty of the divine feminine within us all.

2 thoughts on “Flowers and Thorns

  1. Thank you…beautiful….am in the process of shopping a film script about MM by Ariadne Green.

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